I have lots of names begging with S.

My life goal is to become an elf.

This is my rather aimless blog about art that I like and pretty much any other crap I find amusing or interesting, which is likely to include elves, trees and various pretty things .

Enjoy yourself ~



like… just look at this

‘skeletons fighting over a pickled herring’ by james ensor


you people should  learn about the goetic demons like for example:


this is prince stolas, he is a long legged owl demon who teaches knowledge about astronomy and herbs to anyone who conjures him

whats not cool about an owl demon

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reasons why halloween is the best holiday:

  1. you are not obliged to visit your relatives
  2. you are not obliged to get gifts for anyone
  3. people will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than halloween
  4. its the only day when its socially acceptable to go out in public dressed like a penguin

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bae: hey u wanna come over? ;)

me: can’t im selling dwarven crafts

bae: my parents aren’t home

me: they’re fine dwarven crafts. direct. from. orzammar.

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